Starline Kidswear

In a world where colours dance and dreams take flight, I faced a canvas of possibilities and dilemmas.

Starline Kidswear
Photo of Two Kids sitting happily. behind them is a wall where starline logo is present

The client, a budding kidswear brand, aimed to establish a captivating presence in the competitive semi-premium market. 

Navigating the dual challenge of appealing to the young, imaginative minds of children and meeting the sophisticated tastes of their parents presented our initial hurdle.

Our primary obstacle was to navigate these contrasting expectations. For children, the brand needed to be a realm of wonder, filled with colors, shapes, and stories that spark joy and ignite imagination. It needed to be a brand that children felt drawn to, a reflection of their own world of endless play and discovery.

Conversely, for parents — the decision-makers and purchasers — the brand had to communicate quality, value, and a sense of premium elegance. It had to assure them of its worthiness as a choice for their children, offering not just clothing but an experience that aligned with their aspirations and standards.


My approach as a brand strategist was to immerse ourselves in the essence of 'playful innocence'

I wanted to capture the essence of childhood in a way that appealed to adult sensibilities, crafting a brand identity that was both enchanting to children and reassuring to parents.

We meticulously applied the new brand identity across all channels – from product packaging to digital presence, ensuring consistency and cohesiveness. The aim was to create an immersive brand experience that echoed our narrative of playful sophistication.


With the launch, a new story began – one where innocence meets elegance, and dreams find their expression.

The response from both kids and parents was overwhelmingly positive. The fusion of playfulness with a premium feel led to heightened brand recognition and engagement. The brand successfully established itself in the semi-premium kidswear segment, uniquely appealing to our target demographic.

Where playful dreams meet elegant realities, our strategy began to weave a tale of two worlds.

Photo of A young kid wearing a white T shirt, in the background we see a white wall with red starline icon painted on it.

Where playful dreams meet elegant realities, our strategy began to weave a tale of two worlds.

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